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Pregnancy Stages Week by Week

Pregnancy is exciting for all couples and it gets exciting with every passing day and week to observe the pregnancy stages week by week.

Stages of pregnancy listed here provide week by week pregnancy details:

• During the first week of pregnancy you do not get any major pregnancy signs. It does not seem at all that you are pregnant and most women do not realize the first week of pregnancy is considered as conception and not actual pregnancy. Thus, when OMAD gives a due date it is often not accurate.

• In the second week the uterus is shedding its lining as it does during the menses. But, now it is setting up new tissues for the fetus. At this stage the egg is on the verge of release and waits for fertilization.

• Week three is where the fertilization happens and this is the time when the sex of the baby is determined. However you will not be able to see it in the sonography until the 20th week.

• You are confirmed of your pregnancy in the fourth week. You will also start to experience some symptoms of pregnancy like swollen breasts, nausea, fatigue and vomiting a part of morning sickness.

• Fifth week is when the embryo is developing and has 3 layers. The spinal cord, brain, bones and circulatory system is developed during this stage.

• Week six is exciting as the heat beats for the first time. Arms and legs develop. The pregnancy early signs are accompanied with severe morning sickness which lasts for 3 months.

• The baby grows about 1/3 of an inch and baby's eyes start forming in the seventh week.

• When you visit the doctor in the eighth week you will feel the heartbeat of your baby.

• The baby's bone and cartilage starts forming. Intestines will stem from the umbilical cord and abdomen will form.

• The baby starts to move in the tenth week and the hands, fingers, feet and knees develop in the tenth week.

• The baby is acknowledged as a fetus in the eleventh month. Majority of the development of the baby is complete at this stage. Only remaining stages are the growth stages. It is important for mothers to take prenatal vitamins from the start and stop smoking and drinking.

• Hair and genitals start to grow at the twelfth stage. Amniotic fluid forms around the baby for protection. Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness change at this stage and they subside as the baby grows.
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